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Beaverton Schools

Mission Statement

Oak Hills Elementary Mission Statement: WE engage our students in rigorous and joyful learning experiences that meet their individual needs and help each child reach their full potential.

District Goal: WE empower all students to achieve post high school success.

At Oak Hills Elementary, WE embrace equity through the following actions:

Using culturally responsive and differentiated instruction in all classrooms and special programs
Using Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) to create school-wide expectations for behavior.
Provide all students with access to school-wide special programs including, but not limited to PE, Music, Art Literacy and Ceramics.
At Oak Hills Elementary, the outcomes of our actions will include:

An accepting, respectful, diverse learning community.
An atmosphere where we meet the individual learning needs of each and every student.
A culturally responsive learning environment.
At Oak Hills Elementary, WE innovate through the following actions:

Enhanced access and use of technology as an essential element in the learning process.
Providing field trips and after school programs.
Integrating art and technology into classroom and grade level teaching themes and units.
At Oak Hills Elementary, the outcomes of our actions will include:

Assisting students to become risk takers and innovators as it relates to their learning.
Creating a strong sense of self in our learners.
Developing students who consider themselves problem solvers.
Helping students to be middle school, high school, college and career ready.
At Oak Hills Elementary, WE expect excellence through the following actions:

Employing the use of school-wide strategies that promote academic and behavior success.
Effectively teaching a strong literacy program.
Using student date to effectively meet the learning and behavior needs of each and every student.