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Beaverton Schools

Recess Rules

The Purpose of Recess is:
1. Have fun
2. Play with your friends
3. Get exercise
4. Good Sportsmanship is important in all games

Good Sporting Behavior
1. Good sporting behavior is respectful, responsible, and kind.
Teasing, laughing, making fun, chanting does not display good
sporting behavior
2. If you are called out in a game, it is important to display good
sporting behavior. No kicking or throwing the balls away, arguing
with the judge, or being a poor sport.
3. If you win, it is important to display good sporting behavior

Line Judge
1. The first person in line is the judge
2. The line judge has four jobs (just like a judge in a courtroom):
1. Watch the game
2. Know the rules
3. Be fair, impartial & honest
4. Make the call
5. Only the line judge can make a call.
6. The ‘line’ is not the judge and cannot make a call.
7. The people in line need to have BOTH feet on the blue painted
line. Otherwise, you go to the end of the line.
8. Once the judge makes a call, there is no arguing.
9. If you argue with the referee you will be asked to find a
different game.
10. Judges do their best, they are not perfect, all referees make
mistakes, but their fair, honest, and impartial call will stand.
11. Only the judge can all a re-do, the players cannot.

Game Rules